Basics of Garden Shed Construction Design

A garden shed is a place that can be used for various needs. Usually, this mystargarden building is placed in backyard of house. Garden sheds can be used for us to store various gardening tools. For those who like gardening, it would be better if you try to build a garden shed. With a garden shed, you can more quickly and easily prepare your gardening needs. You can easily take care of garden by yourself if there is a garden shed.

Some Things To Look For If You Want To Build A Garden Shed

There are also various things that we better pay attention to if you want to start building sheds, including garden sheds.

Foundations & Measures

You have to make a plan for making a garden shed. Starting from deciding foundation for warehouse. It is recommended to put gravel that can be used for drainage. To make a garden shed, determining size is certainly no less important. Make sure you know size of garden shed needed. You can make a simple garden shed or a large one if needed. Today, there are also many free designs available online for garden shed foundations. Some of warehouse designs are quite large. If indeed you make a large garden shed, then you can put more items in it. It can even create an area for children’s play in warehouse.

Windows And Walls

The windows you use will depend on size of garden shed you want to build. Required wall-size also depends on foundation and size. If you are building a garden shed that is very small, then you may not need a lot of windows. It could even be a small garden shed without using a window. But if you want to build a larger warehouse, you may need 1-3 windows. Make sure there are no vents that can wet contents of garden shed during heavy rain. If open windows have possibility of wetting warehouse, then make sure they are closed frequently.

Doors & Roofs

Apart from windows, doors must be in mystargarden shed. The door is simplest consideration of other garden shed various elements. Doors for garden sheds can be made with even basic layered wood. The hinge used can be adjusted according to your needs. If there is large equipment in garden shed, make sure door is large too. So that all gardening tools can be taken easily and safely. Next, there is roof, roof depends on area of building, but drainage on roof also needs to be considered to be safer. Before starting construction, it is better to prepare everything carefully.

Guide To Building A Neat Garden Shed

Although function of garden shed is a place to store gardening equipment that is not often used, it must also be maintained so that appearance of warehouse remains neat. What’s more, if warehouse is in yard area of house, we certainly don’t want neighbors or guests to think that our house is dirty because of garden shed. You can also make choices about various shapes and colors of garden sheds. For those who have large garden items such as carts and lawnmowers, make sure garden shed you build is large enough for these tools.

Preferably location of garden shed is close and easily accessible from garden location. If you build a large garden shed but don’t use too many tools, it can be used to store other items. Sports equipment, bicycles and so on can also be stored in a garden shed. Even if warehouse is neatly arranged with a modern design, it can also be used for work. What we need to know is that construction of this warehouse can change atmosphere of home page landscape. A yard looks nicer with a garden shed, but a garden shed can also make a yard feel cramped or look bad.

You can take some time to think about whether building a garden shed is really necessary and fits your yard or not. In addition, some people build garden sheds with designs similar to homes. But the result will be like a miniature house. If you don’t want to be like that, you can build a mystargarden shed with a different design. The building materials used are better with the highest quality, with a paint that matches the color of house, even though it doesn’t have to be same paint color.

Guide to Gardening Styles in Narrow House

Gardening activities are a favorite hobby of many people. The amount of free time can be used to grow a wide variety of vegetables. So that we can meet our daily consumption from harvest. Although at first glance it is considered easy. In fact, there are many important things that must be considered if you want to start gardening. Gardening itself can not only fill your time but can also be a stress reliever.

Several Stages To Start Gardening In Home Area

If you have a garden in your yard area, it can also be a solution to get a source of food. Food obtained from gardening harvests is certainly safer and free from pesticide contamination. Even so, gardening at home so that surroundings look beautiful with healthy harvests takes a lot of effort and time. From preparation, processing, and harvesting, we must pay attention if we want to plant a garden. Below are several ways of gardening at home even with narrow land.

Prepare Garden Tools

In order for gardening to be carried out, you must first purchase gardening equipment. You don’t need to go to a shop that sells garden tools, you can buy them online. So that it can make it easier for you to prepare gardening equipment. You can also compare prices and understand quality of tools. Some of needs for gardening include gloves, seeds, fertilizer, crop scissors, and so on. While tools commonly used in gardening include garden forks, brooms, shovels, hoes, sprays, hoses, racks, and plant pots. You can easily find all of these items through online shops. If you want to buy directly outside, you can go to a building tool shop or a plant shop. However, if we buy online, we can avoid queues and be more practical.

Selecting Plant Seeds Selectively

If we use vegetable plants from superior varieties or superior seeds, there will be various advantages. The use of best quality plants can make these plants grow well even with minimal maintenance. The resulting fruit is large and plants are also more resistant to disease. There are various vegetable seeds that you can try even though you are still a beginner such as chilies, kale, lettuce, spinach, mustard greens, long beans, green beans, cucumber, or tomatoes. Some of these vegetables are fast-growing and easy to care for. In fact, most of them also have a short harvest period. By choosing types of plants above, it is perfect for beginners or those with little gardening experience. From time to time, you can try other vegetable varieties to grow at home. The combination of various kinds of vegetables can make gardening activities fun.

Choosing A Sunlit Location

Make sure gardening location is exposed to the sun, sunlight is a source of energy for plants. Therefore, many plants thrive when they get enough sunlight. Make sure your plants get sunlight without being obstructed by various objects around them.

Choose Nutritious Soil

Soil with high nutrition is another factor that supports fertility of plants. Metabolism in plants will depend on growing medium. Soil is better used, which has a lot of organic content. You can use compost, or manure for planting media. Meanwhile, organic content in compost can come from food scraps. You can get manure from animal waste such as cow, rabbit, or chicken manure. If soil used has a lot of organic content, it can make soil lighter and drain water easily. In addition, it can also facilitate weeding, and plant roots will grow fast.

Don’t Forget To Fertilize

Farming must use fertilizers; fertilizing is usually quite tiring and time-consuming as well. To get around this problem, buy a container with a timer. So that allows you to set time for fertilizing plants every day automatically.

The Use Of Buddhas In Gardens

There is one garden concept that is liked by many people such as Buddhist garden. As the name implies, a Buddhist garden has various elements related to Buddhism. Be it statues, pictures, and other arts about Buddha in this one garden. But there are things that are important in the concept of a Buddhist garden which is about cleanliness and neatness. This garden can also be simpler as long as it is neat so that it can reflect various Buddhist principles. These Buddhist principles include peace, kindness, respect, and serenity for all people and all living beings. So that you can understand more clearly about Buddhist gardens, consider some of following information about the elements in Buddhist garden.

The Main Elements Of A Buddhist Garden

In making a Buddhist garden, you have to choose Buddhist elements according to the concept and have to be careful too. If we can make a neat and simple Buddhist garden can create a peaceful nuance and a calm feeling. Below are some of the elements that can be used in a Buddhist garden.

Buddha Statue

The sculpture is certainly an important element in a Buddhist garden. The statue must stand upright as it signifies proper respect for the Buddha. These statues are often placed on marble slabs but stone mounds can also be used to place these statues. In addition, Buddha statues are often used with ponds.

The pool combined with the Buddha statue will certainly give a peaceful impression. The statues must also be made facing your house. The statue should be an element of a Buddhist garden design that can create a harmonious nuance. Because the statue can help guests to overcome their emotions such as greed and anger. So Buddha statue is main element of a garden and it would be better not to use just one statue.

Ponds And Lotus Flowers

The pool as discussed above is also an element in a Buddhist garden. The lotus flower can be a complementary element to the pond for designing a Buddhist garden. This lotus flower is respected because it can bloom beautifully. A lotus that blooms can even be in shallow, stagnant water such as in a pond.


Apart from statues and ponds, lanterns can also be a major feature of Buddhist gardens. You can easily get lanterns because they are available in many places. The lantern is a unique lamp so it is easy to recognize. The purpose of using this lantern is not really a function of providing light. At first, lantern was used only in temple. The use of lanterns can be a sign of worship to honor Buddhist ancestors who should be respected. These are some of main elements that need to be in a Buddhist garden. Apart from these elements, you can use various other ornaments as needed. Whether it’s a large Buddhist garden or not, a Buddhist garden can be a place to contemplate and sit back under a lush tree. If the view in garden area is not pleasant, it can reduce peace of Buddhist garden.

Valuable Tips for Creating Beautiful Garden

With so many plants around the house, it certainly allows us to enjoy beautiful green scenery. The presence of this plant can make our minds healthy and body will also feel relaxed. Therefore, we better provide an area for garden. The garden can provide a fresh view for healthy air at home.

Some Tips For Beautifying The Garden

Those who are new to managing garden may feel confused about what to do. You can easily beautify garden even though the land is narrow. Here are tips for making a home garden more beautiful.

Make A Path

You can complete garden with a path. Using a path does not have to be in a park with a large area only. Even though the garden area is small, you can create pathways using rocks or concrete. Using a path is a trick to further beautify garden. Not only does it look neat, but path can also make grass safer from being trampled. If you have a small garden area, the footprint area can be larger than grass area. This allows you to have free spots to put various kinds of furniture in the corner of garden.

Use Lighting With Beautiful Ambiance

When arranging a garden in front of house, it’s not just a matter of plants and paths. It is also necessary to have proper garden decoration with lighting. Dramatic lighting effects can make a garden look even more different. You can try lighting innovation at several points to give a broad impression even though park has a small area. While the selection of lights for garden can vary, just adjust it to area of your garden.

Always Keep The Garden Clean

There are better things that you shouldn’t forget when arranging your home garden, including cleanliness. By maintaining cleanliness, home garden will look cleaner and create a freer effect too. In addition, families and guests can be more comfortable when they are there. Make sure the plants in your garden are well maintained. Avoid trash in park, especially if it is scattered. Even if you organize garden, your efforts will be in vain if you don’t regularly clean the garden. To ensure cleanliness of garden is always maintained, it is necessary to use a minimalist trash can. Choose a trash can with a trendy design to maximize the visuals of garden.

Putting On A Hanging Pot

Whether it’s living in an apartment, in a house, or another residence, you can present a beautiful garden area, even though the place is small. If land area is limited, then arranging the garden can use a hanging pot. This hanging pot saves space and you can easily plant a variety of beautiful ornamental plants. You can hook hanging pots on fences, patio ceilings, walls, and other areas. The pot that will be used is better with beautiful color and shape. So that it can make the home garden look perfect. Apart from hanging pots, you can also improvise by using a vertical garden. That is all and hope it is useful.

Unique and Innovative Japanese Gardening

If you want unusual gardening, then you can try Japanese gardening. There are a wide variety of Japanese gardening styles with interesting planting techniques. You can also do some of these techniques easily. For example, there is one Japanese gardening technique such as kokedama.

Get To Know The Kokedama Planting Technique

This one planting technique originated from Japan, kokedama also has its own uniqueness. The term Kokedama itself is a Japanese word that comes from “koke” which means moss and “dama” which means ball. As the name implies, kokedama is a planting technique that is done by forming plants like balls. In addition, the plant is covered with moss. For those of you who live in a boarding house, you can also do this one planting technique if you really like simple farming.

Some Things You Need To Pay Attention To Before Making Kokedama

The advantage of Kokedama is that it is easy for you to try. Kokedama also doesn’t need a lot of complicated maintenance. This type of plant also has its own uniqueness and beauty. In Japan, kokedama is usually called a poor bonsai.

What Are The Kokedama Plants?

Kokedama has a unique shape and this cultivation technique also has an interesting philosophy. This planting craft is a reflection of the Japanese philosophy of “wabi-sabi”. This means kokedama is an art that appreciates the beauty of something from imperfection. In order to do kokedama crafts, the main thing that needs to be done is to choose plants. Cocedama plants must be able to live even without direct sun exposure. Here are some kokedama plants that are suitable for you to plant.

  • Anthurium
  • Various herbs such as basil, mint, or rosemary
  • Bromelia
  • Ferns, be they tail or bird’s nest ferns
  • Philodendron

Materials And Tools For Kokedama

So that you can grow plants using the kokedama technique, there are main things that need to be done, such as preparing all ingredients and tools. Below are some preparations for planting kokedama.

  • Soil mixture commonly used for bonsai or compost
  • Scissor
  • Enough water to flush
  • Thick thread or rope
  • Selected kokedama plant
  • Pot or bowl
  • Sphagnum moss, which you can buy at places that sell plants
  • Gardening gloves

The Steps To Make Kokedama

First of all, you can wear gloves first to make it more comfortable to do this kokedama gardening. Then take the plants and also clean roots, stems, and leaves of dirt and soil. You can moisten the moss sufficiently and wrap plant using sphagnum moss that you have wet, then tie it with a rope. If there is excess thread or rope, then cut the rope. Put bonsai soil or compost with peat moss in a bowl. Then add water and stir until it sticks and comes together.

In the next stage, you can put plant in a pot or bowl and then coat roots with soil. You can lift the plants and soil, then make them round like a ball. If all roots have been covered with soil, then you can rewrap plant using moss. The next step is to wrap plant using a cut rope. Then set aside the rope to become a hook so that kokedama plant can be hung later. If all the steps above have been carried out, the kokedama plant is ready to hang. So that you can take good care of the kokedama, you only need to spray water for 10 minutes while the leaves dry.

Get To Know Other Japanese Gardening Innovations

Narrow land is not a problem for gardening. There are also Foop products that can make your own garden even at home. Besides kokedama, this Japanese farming is also unique. There is a hydroponic farming box that allows users to grow vegetables in the box. So that it is not soil ground that will be used, but water will be used. Vegetables that you can plant include lettuce, basil, parsley, arugula, and other plants. Even with this box, plants can grow faster than plants using ordinary media. This unique gardening box design is high-tech, there are no buttons, but there is a small screen that has mini icons. Of course, there are many other advances in gardening innovations from Japan. That’s all the info this time and hopefully it’s useful.

Tips for Making Ambiance Lighting in Garden

Many people enjoy relaxing time in their yards and gardens. In such places which are most comfortable areas of house for relaxing. Of course, we also have to make a garden with a comfortable design. Not only comfortable but also beautiful so that it can be pleasing to the eye. If you want to enjoy your leisure time more, whether it’s in evening or at night, you must pay attention to lighting first. The light in park is a must because it will be dark at night.

Several Stages Make Lighting For Garden

Outdoor lighting is an easy method to add a sophisticated feel to your home as well as a more modern look. In addition, outside lighting can certainly increase security. Everyone doesn’t want their house to be dark, and gloomy. This can happen because there are no outdoor lights. However, choosing best lights are those that match exterior design of house. Usually, this one thing is quite difficult for some people. Because various kinds of lamp models can be used in garden. Not all of these lights match design of your home. To be clearer, here are stages of making lighting in garden.

Garden Lamp Lighting Plan

Lighting can make a garden even more beautiful, although it can also destroy its appearance at the same time. So, before you decide on how to install your lights, plan lighting needed and where to place them. You can sketch your garden, then mark every feature including lights. Identify features you would like to improve, such as lights in pool area, lights in trees, or on stairs. If you are confused about lamp wattage, you can simply compare it with lamp inside.

Choose An Installation Location.

The location of lighting must match design goals of house. Before you buy a lamp, you must determine what the lamp is for. For example, purpose of using garden lights is to enhance visual appearance of outdoor area. You can also use spotlights that can help maintain home security. There are also various types of lamps specifically designed for specific placement areas. Make sure you choose a lamp that fits the place and also its function.

Adjust Size

Not only the lamp model that must be considered, but size of lamp is also just as important for us to pay attention to. Choose a lamp with a size proportional to your home. Large and lively lighting may look inappropriate when you install it in entrance area. For outdoor lighting, it is better to look striking when seen by other people from afar. But make sure the lighting is not too bright because it can have an impact on surrounding landscape. Not only size, but position also matters. For entrances, always place lights in a higher light than people to make it more comfortable.

Combines Lighting Types.

You can combine basic lightings, such as ambient, accent, and task. Ambient is main lighting that illuminates entire area. Placing ambient light can be at several points and mounted symmetrically. The task is concentrated lighting and Accent is accent lighting.