The Use Of Buddhas In Gardens

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There is one garden concept that is liked by many people such as Buddhist garden. As the name implies, a Buddhist garden has various elements related to Buddhism. Be it statues, pictures, and other arts about Buddha in this one garden. But there are things that are important in the concept of a Buddhist garden which is about cleanliness and neatness. This garden can also be simpler as long as it is neat so that it can reflect various Buddhist principles. These Buddhist principles include peace, kindness, respect, and serenity for all people and all living beings. So that you can understand more clearly about Buddhist gardens, consider some of following information about the elements in Buddhist garden.

The Main Elements Of A Buddhist Garden

In making a Buddhist garden, you have to choose Buddhist elements according to the concept and have to be careful too. If we can make a neat and simple Buddhist garden can create a peaceful nuance and a calm feeling. Below are some of the elements that can be used in a Buddhist garden.

Buddha Statue

The sculpture is certainly an important element in a Buddhist garden. The statue must stand upright as it signifies proper respect for the Buddha. These statues are often placed on marble slabs but stone mounds can also be used to place these statues. In addition, Buddha statues are often used with ponds.

The pool combined with the Buddha statue will certainly give a peaceful impression. The statues must also be made facing your house. The statue should be an element of a Buddhist garden design that can create a harmonious nuance. Because the statue can help guests to overcome their emotions such as greed and anger. So Buddha statue is main element of a garden and it would be better not to use just one statue.

Ponds And Lotus Flowers

The pool as discussed above is also an element in a Buddhist garden. The lotus flower can be a complementary element to the pond for designing a Buddhist garden. This lotus flower is respected because it can bloom beautifully. A lotus that blooms can even be in shallow, stagnant water such as in a pond.


Apart from statues and ponds, lanterns can also be a major feature of Buddhist gardens. You can easily get lanterns because they are available in many places. The lantern is a unique lamp so it is easy to recognize. The purpose of using this lantern is not really a function of providing light. At first, lantern was used only in temple. The use of lanterns can be a sign of worship to honor Buddhist ancestors who should be respected. These are some of main elements that need to be in a Buddhist garden. Apart from these elements, you can use various other ornaments as needed. Whether it’s a large Buddhist garden or not, a Buddhist garden can be a place to contemplate and sit back under a lush tree. If the view in garden area is not pleasant, it can reduce peace of Buddhist garden.